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Environmental Products Warehouse core business is providing products and services for cleanrooms and controlled environments. Whatever your application Environmental Products Warehouse will work with you to find a product and solution to meet your needs.

Our goal is in delivering the right product for your specific application, and at a competitive price to keep operating costs down. Name brand products, fabrics and solutions to meet your process needs, all at lower prices. From design to delivery, Environmental Products Warehouse is your best choice for cleanroom products.

Leaders in the cleanroom garment industry

Environmental Products Warehouse's competitive edge is in our experience. Most of our people have actually worked in cleanrooms so we understand the critical nature of product requirements, which can help you in making the right decisions.

We are here to help

Need help in deciding the most effective program to meet your Cleanroom garment needs? Environmental Products Warehouse can answer all your questions and assist you in your selection of services and products. We'll help you to run a cost effective garment program. You do have options with Environmental Products Warehouse.

Reusable Products that we offer:

  • Hoods
  • Coveralls
  • Boots
  • Frocks
  • Shoe Covers
  • Siteware, Lab coats & Shirts
Off the shelf, or customer application specific, Environmental Products Warehouse can provide any number of options in both design and fabric. All our reusable products are available in industry standards such as, Integrity® 1800, Integrity® 2000, Maxima ESD, C3 and Taffeta fabrics.
Maxima ESD C3 Cleanroom Hoods Environmental Products Warehouse
From design to finished product Environmental Products Warehouse works with each individual customer through the entire process, up to and including proper fitting for your employees. For ISO 3 through ISO 5 Cleanrooms, Coveralls are required and we can provide you the options to gown your staff properly.
Environmental Products Warehouse Coveralls in Maxima and C3 Materials
Cleanroom Boots
Like everyday shoes, Cleanroom Boots must be comfortable, safe, and provide the protection your Cleanroom requires. We address all those issues and more. There are many options and sole designs on the market; we work from day one to ensure you have the right one.
High Quality Launderable and Reuseable Boot Covers
Our Frocks come in the most common designs, i.e. snap or zip front, raglan sleeves, snap or knit cuff and military collar. One big difference is our shorter lead times and lower price points. We never sacrifice on quality and your complete satisfaction is our goal. Need something for a specific application? Our experience crosses over into different industries, so we have a good understanding of industry specification.
Environmental Products Warehouse Frocks High Quality Protection
Shoe Covers
In any fabric, design, or sole Environmental Products Warehouse offers a wide variety of shoe covers for Cleanrooms ISO 6 to ISO 8 Cleanrooms
Launderable C3 or Maxima ESD Shoe Covers
Siteware, Lab Coats and Shirts
We offer a series of lab coats and siteware are constructed from knitted polyester, poly-cotton-nylon blends, C3, Maxima ESD, or other lightweight fabrics.
Shirts, Lab Coats and Siteware available in C3 and Maxima ESD, poly-cotton blends
Environmental Products Warehouse offers the best cleanroom and laboratory garments.
Environmental Products Warehouse offers High Quality Protection Garments

Disposable Products that we offer:

  • Frocks
  • Bouffants
  • Shoe Covers
  • Coveralls
  • Hoods
  • Face Masks
  • Beard Covers
  • Sleeves
You have a number of options with Environmental Products Warehouse Disposable Frocks, from snap front to zip front, polypropylene to high quality Keyguard®. Let us know your requirement and Environmental Products Warehouse will do the rest
Environmental Products Warehouse offers High Quality Protection Garments
Our polypropylene bouffants are 100% latex free and available in different sizes and colors.
Environmental Products Warehouse offers High Quality Protection Garments
Our economically priced shoe covers come in water resistant cross linked polyethylene and polypropylene non-skid. Also available in super sticky non-skid.
Environmental Products Warehouse offers High Quality Protection Garments
Open wrist, elastic wrist, zipper front, everyday application or job-specific, Environmental Products gives you the options to choose from a number of different options.
Environmental Products Warehouse offers High Quality Protection Garments
Our polypropylene hoods have elastic closure and are 100% Latex free.
Environmental Products Warehouse offers High Quality Protection Garments
Available in 3 Ply with ear loops and 100% latex free.
Environmental Products Warehouse offers High Quality Protection Garments
Our Beard Covers are polypropylene and 100% latex free.
Environmental Products Warehouse offers High Quality Protection Garments
Available for those special applications, ours come in polyethylene and heavy duty polyethylene.
Environmental Products Warehouse offers High Quality Protection Garments

Maintenance Products:

Cleaning effectively requires innovative cleaning systems.

We carry some of the most unique products in the industry. Starting with Vileda’s CE DuoTM Mops shown here for effective cleaning and disinfection of cleanrooms and controlled environments. EPW offers a wide range of new and innovative solutions to cleaning Cleanrooms. Ask us about our complete line of Teknipure Cleanroom Wipes for almost any application for ISO 3-ISO 8 Cleanrooms, or the new CE DuoTM Clean Tech Sponge.

Every Cleanroom needs Tacky Mats, and Environmental Products Warehouse offers ours in a variety of sizes and colors. How about our special packaging of 8 pads of 30 sheets per case! Probably for a little more than you’re paying for 4 pads per case.

Vileda’s CE DuoTM CleanTechTM Sponge is ideal for hard to reach areas.

Why Choose Us


Founded and operated by individuals who have worked within cleanrooms. What's different about us? We understand cleanroom operational requirements and our strength is in making sure we provide you the information and the options, to make the right decision.

Business Practice

As an independent, not employed by one of the big cleanroom laundry companies, we sell and distribute products from a variety of approved sources. We don't represent one company, or one type of service, and you won't be forced into the typical one size fits all program. We know your product needs change frequently, and our flexibility helps us to find products quickly to fit those changes.

Product Selection

With hundreds of different products to choose from, we'll help you make the right decision. Looking for reusable garments? Environmental Products Warehouse uses the same suppliers as the major laundries, but in many cases without long term commitments for you. Need consumable products? We'll work with you to find the best product at the best prices to meet production requirements and budget. Many ship the same day.

Customer Service

Tired of the "service shuffle"? Can't reach anyone on the automated line, and once you do your message, or requests go unanswered? At Environmental Products Warehouse, we answer our own phones, it works better that way. It allows us to understand our customers, and build long term relationships with all our customers. Whether on the phone or in the field, Environmental Products Warehouse has you covered.

What You Should Know About Laundry Agreements

Chose your cleanroom garment program carefully and find the one that fits your needs and requirements; not necessarily the one offered to you by a laundry supplier. Most commercial laundry programs lock customers into long-term commitments, with some lasting up to 5-years. These programs offer little room for compromise should usage and employee counts go down.

Your company will incur a charge on every unit in service, regardless of your actual usage, so you should carefully understand the complexity of these "Standard Agreements". You should also understand what the laundry means when it says restocking fees, annual price increases, delivery charges, repair charges, and most importantly.."Loss and Replacement". Charges related to Loss and Replacement can add 20% and more to the annual costs of charges agreed upon in your contract. Unfortunately for the user, these charges may be tacked on to the costs of not renewing the agreement, so that once it reaches fruition the costs to exit are prohibitive.

Because of these costs, what many end-users face is a "Laundry Agreement in Perpetuity", or "Just To Darn Expensive To Make Them Go Away". Our advise: Compare the components in these standard laundry agreements before you commit your company's resources, and to fully understand if the proposal and agreement really fits your requirements, and your budget.

What our clients say

We have worked with Environmental Products Warehouse on various Cleanroom related projects over the last few years. Their personnel have a superior knowledge of controlled environments, and they work hand in hand with the customer to develop the right combination of products, to meet user requirements.. Great customer service and a background that comes from working in cleanrooms. We recommend them to our customers.

Environmental Products Warehouse; helping customers from coast to coast with their cleanroom requirements

Environmental Products Warehouse

Committed to finding the right product for your Cleanroom.

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